Let's Tarot - My Third Android App

by solLuna 18. June 2012 16:21

It's not horoscope. It's not numerology or I Ching. It's Tarot! Let's Tarot now!

"Let's Tarot" is a simple but complete Tarot app. Try to focus on a question to ask the cards and draw cards from the deck. You will be surprised how accurate the cards tell you.

Features include:

- 78 Tarot cards include both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

- Tarot readings (both upright and reversed cards)

- Different Tarot spreads include:

-- Single Card Spread

-- The Past, Present and Future Spread

-- The Four Elements Spread 

-- The Love Spread

-- The Decision Making Spread

-- The Star Spread

-- The Next Seven Days Spread

-- Year Spread

-- Yes or No Spread

-- The Celtic Cross

-- The Four Weeks Spread

- Any luck today

- Support both Traditional Chinese and English

- And more


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- 78 張塔羅牌包括大阿爾克那及小阿爾克那

- 塔羅解讀 (正立及倒位卡)

- 不同塔羅牌陣包括:

-- 單張牌陣

-- 過去,現在,未來

-- 四元素

-- 吉卜賽十字

-- 二選一

-- 六芒星

-- 未來七天

-- 年牌陣

-- 是與否

-- 塞爾特十字

-- 四週牌陣

- 今天運氣

- 支持繁體中文和英文

- 更多






Tiles - My Second android app

by solLuna 1. January 2012 14:48

"Tiles" is a classic, simple but funny puzzle game. The game will randomly capture a picture from internet and split the picture into tiles. Every tile is placed in wrong position initially. To complete the game, all you need to do is to move each tile back to its appropriate position in order to produce the original picture.

Features include:

- Different levels of difficultly

- Get picture from internet randomly or by keywords

- Leader boards

- Function to set the downloaded picture as wallpaper

- Support both Traditional Chinese and English


Try it at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.solLuna.Tiles


Let's Calculate is ready in Android Market

by solLuna 6. November 2011 12:26


Let's Calculate - My first android app

by solLuna 4. November 2011 19:11

It's not math lesson. It's funny mind game. Challenge it today. Let's calculate!


"Let's Calculate" is a game designed to stimulate your brain. Play this mind game once a day to train up your brain and make it in good health. If you want to improve your math, memory and even your reaction time, try it now. Calculate can be fun!


Features include:

Challenge Mode – Different difficult levels of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division (15 levels)

Hidden Mode – Extra 3 different levels of calculation

Funny Mode – 3 different levels of calculation with some funny elements 

Community – OpenFeint Leaderboards, Acheivements and Game Feed

Support both Traditional Chinese and English



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挑戰模式 - 不同難道級別的加法,減法,乘法和除法(15個級別)

隱藏模式 - 額外3個不同級別的計算題

趣怪模式 - 加入有趣元素的3個不同級別的計算題

社群 - OpenFeint 排行榜,成就






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